Sunday, May 31, 2009

too personal for facebook....

Hey everyone. If you could stop and take a minute to pray for Dan's dad & family I would appreciate it. I'm not sure how many know that Bob has cancer. He has carcinoid tumors on his colon & liver that have spread pretty rapidly recently. He's had these tumors for about 9-10 years. They are very slow growing and so far have not caused any sickness. He has been getting a monthly shot for about the last year to year & a half to help slow the growth of these tumors. But last week he had a bone scan done & the scan revealed that the tumors have spread all throughout his body. The plan was to start radiation last week but he has been too sick to do this. Dan's mom brought Bob to the ER this afternoon & they admitted him to the hospital today. The CT scan they did of his abdomen revealed that everything is inflammed & there might be an infection in his colon. The # if tumors on his liver has risen also. He is very weak & can not get comfortable. Please pray for the Dr's that they may know what to do next to help him. Please pray for Dan & his family that they may have some peace at this hard time. We don't know what the immediate future holds, but we can pray for wisdom & comfort. It is not easy to see someone we love sick & the fact that this has all happened SO fast is hard to comprehend.
I did not want to post this on facebook b/c there would be too many questions to answer. So just keep Dan's family in your prayers. Thank you!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

ARGH!!!!!!!SO MAD!!!!!!!

Holy Cow!!! I've just spend the last 30 minutes mopping my floors, which haven't been mopped in over a week b/c of incessive rain, and this is what happened!! I can not begin to tell you how mad I am at that dumb dog!!!!

Here's my floors right after I mopped them:

Here's what I found when I went out back to dump the mop water:

This is what she had been up too..............

You think I'M letting that dog in anytime think about it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day out there to all you moms! Here's my little booger who I couldn't possible love anymore. :) 


Sunday, May 3, 2009

a day of rest........

So yesterday was insanely just not right. We got a "new to us" refrigerator delivered to us in the morning, so we had to lovely job of removing our old one and replacing it with the new one. Not hard, right? Ha! Our house has 3 openings into the kitchen, not counting the door into the laundry room, that you would think a refrig could go through. Well, nope! We had to bring it through the front door and then actually lift it over the counter top to get it in. Then, the old one("the beast"), we had to actually take the doors off of and move it out through the front door. Anyways, what I thought would be easy was not at all and turned into pratically an all day event. We were both hot, tired and cranky. Oh, and through all that Finn was not a happy camper and was screaming in his pack-n-play most of the time. I just wanted to cry, well, actually I did. Sometimes the small things turn into big things and I was already so tired and I was a mess along with Finn. We didn't have a very good day to say the least. So, today........we're going to rest and play and have NO work to to (other than laundry of course). I think we might go down to St.Augustine for the day and spend time with his parents and go to the beach. :) Sounds soooo nice. 

Here's a pic of the little dude. He'll be 5 months this week and is so cute! He's tearing the house up in his walker, literally steering the thing all over. It's crazy! He's learned to make all sorts of noises with his mouth and is constantly doing them, it's so cute! He's 16lbs now, probably close to 17 and is growing longer, not wider! He's our little buddy and some days I just can't get enough of him!

I've been reading this one blog in particular lately, if you have time stop over and pray for this little girl and her family. My heart breaks everytime I read it and I'm just so grateful my little Finner's is healthy.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!