Sunday, February 27, 2011


big big big big big BIG prayer request for tomorrow please!!
i'll ill you in when i can, but until....
please say a quick prayer for me!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

here's what happens....

when mr.finn is playing in his room while mom cooks dinner..

i swear, i love this kid. :)
of course he won't keep a hat on his head when it's cold, but come warmer weather he breaks out the winter hat. funny.

i moved his work bench into his room so he has more things to play with in there. he likes to go in his room & shut the door & play. i don't mind. :)

he loves to try on daddy's boots. and i love watching him. :)

thing's have been good here lately. i had a crazy work day yesterday. i found out at 930 sunday night that i had to be in savannah yesterday for a 9 am case. lovely. i left at 5 and got home at 4. lovely. case went well though & i got home safely so i won't complain. oh, and i didn't have to work today. and i got paid. go figure. i haven't had a standby day like this in forever & i am so enjoying it!
it's beautiful outside. 78 degrees. love it!! i've kept the air off, have windows open & fans running. and it is perfect inside..
we're getting estimates for a new a/c unit before the heat gets here. our unit is 16 yrs old. it still works pretty well but we're nervous it's gonna go out real soon. income tax $$!
i'm looking for a toddler bed for finn. i wanted to just go right to a twin bed, but the cheaper alternative for the moment is a toddler. all we need is the actual bed itself. i'm checking craigslist daily.
nothing else new at the moment.
finn's napping so i'm going to lay down also & start a new library book. yay!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 cute pictures

first, a day in the life of a dog.
must be nice.........

2nd, Finn is finally sleeping with his pillow pet.
so sweet....

good night!

Monday, February 14, 2011

for my valentine

and it's going to kill me to not cut into it tonight before he get's home!!!

happy valentine's day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


learned how to put their hand's in their pocket today :)

and walked our whole walk that way. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011


didn't your mother tell you not to stand too close to the tv?!

how do you like finn's outfit??

this is how i have to dress my child so he can't take his clothes off in bed...
it's ridiculous, but it works. he can't undo snaps yet, so......
the onsie's go on top of the jammies. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

playing catch up

here's a few pics of when we went to dan's work's christmas party in dec. every year they have a big bbq at the shop & all family is invited. kids get to ride in the police car's & firetrucks too. which oddly enough, finn didn't really like.

here he is in the firetruck.

i don't know what gov. employee uses this, but whatever..

here's dan the man :)

and this is when i was all out of contacts & had to wear my glasses for like a month or 2 straight..

all & all it was a alright time. finn doesn't sit still well AT ALL so it is hard to do some things right now with him. as long as he is outside running around he's fine, but lord have mercy, make that boys sit still when he doesn't want to & it is NO FUN!!

i'll post some christmas pics sometime too, i don't think i ever did that either.
oh, and i shower is done! yep, we can now shower in our shower for the 1st time in months. :)
i'll be sure to take some pics of that too.

my parents are here visiting for the weekend. they came yesterday. we're supposed to be going to a train steamer meet on saturday but the weather doesn't look very promising. we shall see. we went last year & that's one of the reasons my parents came this weekend b/c my dad is a HUGE train nut. we're praying the rain stays away!!

anyways, hopefully i won't have to go into work today & i can enjoy a day with the family. finny has school this morning so at least i'll get to take him. i usually never get the opportunity to do that & i love it when i can.

ta ta!