Sunday, August 30, 2009

weekly update

Things have been pretty uneventful around here which I guess is a good thing. We live for the weekend around here when we finally get to spend time together as a family. I really miss being home together in the evenings and enjoying dinner and such. This working opposite shift thing is for the birds!!! Finny is growing bigger and stronger everyday. He took 2 steps last weekend but none since. He'll be ready when he's ready. He goes Thursday with his daddy to the dr to get his 9 month checkup and shots. :(

We spent the day yesterday down in St. Augustine helping Dan's mom do a few things around her house. She watched the baby so Dan and I could go out to a nice lunch. We went to a greek diner and had a YUMMY lunch. Then last night when we got home we decided to head down to Mellow Mushroom to meet a friend of ours. We went kindof late for us and the baby, I was a little nervous that Finn would be fussy, but being the good baby that he is, he wasn't fussy at all. We were home by 9:30 and he went happily to bed. What a good baby!!!

Today we didn't make it to church. I haven't felt that great today, I keep getting these sweating episodes. I'll be feeling fine then all of the sudden I start feeling like crap and I start sweating profusely. I hope I'm not coming down with anything. :( I'm re-arranging some things in the dining room also. I've decided to get rid of my big china cabinet and put the small hutch that's in the kitchen in the dining room. I'm having to get rid of quite a bit of stuff to make everything fit. We're kindof going through things around here and downsizing a bit as we go. We still know we'd like to move one day so we're weeding through some things now.

I'm relaxing now watching some football. Finn's asleep and the hubby is in the chair beside me on his laptop. All is well here. :)

Here's a few pics from the last week. Enjoy!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

deal of the century!!!!

My parents and I went to a yard sale this morning and spotted this high chair. The lady was asking $7 so we told her we'd take it. I already have one that straps onto a regular chair so I thought this would be good for him as he got older. He's growing sooooo fast!!! Anyways, it looked like a nice chair. We noticed when we got home the brand was Stokke. We thought it looked kindof European so I looked it up online to see what they sell for new. $249!!!!!! Holy Crap! I don't think I'm going to let Finn is in it at all, we'll just look at it. :) I can not believe we got it for such a steal. I love buying things 2nd hand and this makes it even more exciting. I hope everyones having a great weekend!!
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My boy....

Oh how much I love this little kid!! I thought he was soooo cute in his little hoodie I just couldn't stop taking pictures of him.

I hope everyone has a great week! I know mine will be busy and my parents are coming to town Thursday so I have something to look forward too. :)
Happy Sunday!

Monday, August 10, 2009


lately we've been pretty busy around here. We recently had our friend Shawn paint both bathrooms for us. In the guest bathroom we had him put up beadboard and molding and it looks so good!! I'll post some pics soon of the rooms and the "infamous" toilet that has Dan SUPER excited. :)

We're still plugging away working opposite shifts and watching Finn. There are 3 days a week now though that Dan takes the little man down to the babysitters early. Dan's done such a great job watching Finn! and how fortunate we are to have a wonderful babysitter for Finn just 3 doors down from us! I count my blessings and am happy our little dude is loved by so many.

Finn is crawling EVERYWHERE now and pulling up on EVERYTHING. His favorite things to play with are......the empty oatmeal container, a rolling pin, magazines and the vacuum. Why would I buy toys when he loves these things?! He's a happy kid and is not fussy. Most of the time he's smiling and now he's growling. (Not sure where he learned how to do that.) He's eating all kinds of food too. All baby foods and some solids.....crackers, mac & cheese, cheerios..that sort of thing. He's still figuring out the sippy cup but he loves to play with it so that works for me. I think Finn for sure will be an early walker as I and my siblings were also(we lived on tropical islands where the floors were concrete).
I tried taking a few pic tonight of me and Finn and this is what I got. Not my usual self portraits but I tried. :) till next time.........