Monday, August 22, 2011

can you tell?

where finn's favorite seat in the house is???

this was brownie mix from today..
i think it's safe to say he thought it was yummy.

and this was his 1st taste of nutella, yum!!
he's like his mommy & daddy & loves this stuff. :)
but he put it on something i never thought to before, strawberries!!!
too bad strawberries are going out of season here.

i'm not to good at keeping up anymore. just always doing something else. :)
finn's back at preschool. he's doing great, he loves school & does real well with a schedule. as do dan & i. it's nice to back in a routine again.

there's a hurricane coming. it's supposed to hit here by fri. i'm not too worried yet, for some reason jacksonville always get's skirted by with the storms. i will stock up this week though on batteries & make sure to get some cash out.

that's about all that's going on here. nothing exciting.
hope you enjoyed the pics!