Sunday, September 11, 2011

getting caught up!

i have been really bad about uploading pictures lately. it seems that more times than not i'm online using my iphone, and its not that user friendly uploading pics & such.
sometime time just flies by & it seems like it's already getting to be that busy time of the year.

this morning dan & i went kayaking in st marys, ga. we've been one other time & loved it. this time it was a 6 mile loop around an island, all in the marsh though. it was wonderful. i absolutely LOVE the marsh & love coastal ga. if i could move there right now i would. it was a guided trip through crooked river state park. we'll def be doing more there, we love it that much. i'm trying to talk dan into getting a kayak or canoe instead of a new gun. men & their toys! :)

here are a few pics..

i think the pic below is absolutely beautiful! i loved seeing the reflections from the sky in the water. it truly is beautiful...

here we are on grover island. this was our one stop on the trip so we could get out & stretch out legs.

grover island

the husband :)

and a few pics of my boy :)
every sunday, finn & i drink coffee & read the paper.

he likes to look at the target ad & the toys r us ad.

i think these next pics uploaded backwards. oops!
a few weekends ago the 3 of us traveled up to darien,ga to stay at a b& b. dan & i have stayed there before & absolutely loved it & couldn't wait to get back. i told you i love coastal ga. :) anyways, we took finn this time. they have a seperate room there above their carriage house. its connected to the house but seperate too. perfect for us, with finn. he did really well while we were there. they have a nice salt water pool that we enjoyed & he actually slept well that night. we just stayed one night. breakfast was another story, but luckily we were the only ones eating at that time so it wasn't a big deal.

this was on the way home

this was our room above the carriage house.

the front of the b & b

and these are a few random pics of finn with bugs. the child loves anything that crawls, no fear there.

ok, i'm caught up. yay me!
for now at least....