Thursday, April 29, 2010

new words

finn has been saying some new word's lately..

today he said juice & clap clap.

his favorite is clean clean, my child loves to clean!

he can also say kristy now without so much pronouncing the "k".

we decided our boy will be going to school starting in aug.! the program is at a local methodist church just a few minutes from us. it's called wonderworks. i went & visited this week & liked what i saw. finn is a very very busy say the least. we believe that he is getting to a point where he needs a little more stimulation than what he's getting. he also needs to be around other children. he will be going 2 mornings a week. i'm so excited, i know my little man is going to absolutely love it!

on a side note, it's just me & my finny this weekend. dan is headed up to ga tomorrow morning for a boys only camping trip with my brother-in-law, nephew & a few other boys. they've gone once before & he always talks about how much fun they had. i'm happy he get's to go & have fun & get a break for a weekend. :) he deserves it, he works so hard & is such a good daddy he needs to let loose once in a while...

i'm off to watch another hallmark movie tonight before bed. i love my dvr! i record all the movies i want to see & then watch them later so i can fast forward through the commercials, it's wonderful!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


i did it again. i took 2 photos today that i wanted to post & now they're not on my memory card. what tha? i have no idea what happened. this happened once before too..

so i'll show you this...

this was how my little shaggy headed boy looked before & here he is now..

i still can't get over how different he looks, he looks like a little boy now, no more baby. :(
his busted lip is now gone by the way....

we had a kindof crazy week this week. i unexpectedly had to go to south fl to our office for training over night. our babysitter was away on a cruise. need i say more??? dan had to take a day off to watch finn. his mom covered for us until i got home thursday evening. stressful to say the least. i'm so ready for this week when our babysitter is back to watching finn everyday..

dan did an incredible job watching finn, i know it's not easy, our child is a handful to say the least. dan is a wonderful father & finn absolutely loves him. i'm afraid i don't tell him enough though. there's several things in our relationship that i need to work on. we're going through a little rough patch at the moment. marriage is hard work, huh? it's all about compromising & working together & i sometimes forget that. i'm trying to change & have a better appreciation of things. and i'm trying to let my husband know more how much i DO appreciate him & all he does. not saying he's perfect now, there are things he can work on too. :) i'm sure he'll be reading this. i'd like a card & flower's this week by the way. j/k....

anyways, today we had a nice day. got a lot of talking out that we needed to do. had lunch with his mother and that's about it... i stayed home mainly & enjoyed it. same tomorrow. i'm keeping nursery & then his mom is fixing us lunch. i'm so glad she's close by now!!

i've got my work van finally. i'll take a pic of that soon & post a picture of it. it's a beast! i'm just happy my little car can take a nice rest now.. i cleaned it all out tonight & put everything inside that i need(napkins, notepad, pens) etc....

now i'm off to bed although i'm not the least bit tired. nothing a good book can't fix though.
nightey night!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the flip side...

to my wonderful new job is that it's very unpredictable...i got a call yesterday letting me know that i had to be down in south fl at the office tomorrow thru thursday. so we made arrangements for that for finn(the babysitter is on vacation this week), and then i found out we(the other new trainee) had to be there tomorrow morning at 7:30. yikes! it's a good 3 1/2 hr drive, so guess what? she's picking me up at 3:15 & we'll be on our way.
so, until thursday......

good (short) night :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

weekend wrap....

well, it's been a busy but good weekend. we had our neighborhood yardsale yesterday which i of course participated in. every yr i say i'm not gonna do it again, and every yr i do. i'm a sucker, what can i say? anyways, our friend shawn & my MIL gail had stuff they were selling too. so between the 3 of us, we made out good. lots of work though with lots of sun. i was pooped by last night & so ready for bed.

today was better. we went to church this morning where the message was on marriage. it was really good. we all need reminders on what our spouses need from us. after that we went to my MIL's, its so nice now that she is just 4 miles down the road. then house stuff & grocery shopping the rest of the day..

so here's how we have to put the ottoman now. finns finally figured out how to climb up on it & fall off & bump his head on the coffee table. nice...why don't little boys have any fear???
oh my...we have to keep an eye on my little huck finn... :)

i love coupons so every week when i go to the grocery store its like a game to see how much i can save. and today dans mom watched finn while i went so i could actually focus & it was so nice! so today i did the best i have ever done. so excited! i spend $80, but i saved $56!!!! sweet! i had some awesome coupons & publix just happened to have really good deals on what i needed. i also had 2 $5 off coupons but even without those i would have saved more the half of what i spent.
the best deal of the day though was the all detergent. they were on sale for $2.99 & i had 2 coupons, each for $2 off. so they were only .99cents a piece. LOVE it!

and here is what i bought at our neighborhood yardsale. i bought finn a little workbench. it's so cute & he loves it. i got this for $7 and i also got him 3 articles of clothes for .50cents a piece. i was so proud of myself for spending only $8.50.

playing with daddy..


so its been a lovely lively weekend which is the norm around here. finn is now in bed, dan is in his "man space" out in the garage, and i'm in here blogging. after my shower i'm going to hunker down with some coffee & cookies & watch a hallmark movie tonight..

good night y'all!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

wild child

apparently while i was at work this morning my wild child was very wild.
he fell 2 diff times, the 1st time he got his top lip, the 2nd time he got the bottom...
i have a feeling this will the 1st of many..
so my child looks likes he's been in a fight & he is only 16 months old.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wordless wednesday

thought i'd start doing this....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

the shack

by the track....

today for lunch we drove a little over an hour north of us up into st. george, ga.
we heard about this place from a guy dan works with who lives up there.
he swears by this bbq place.
dans been talking about it forever so we took a little road trip.
our friend shawn went with us.
the name of the place was

the shack by the track


this was the smoker the meat was in..

shawn's ribs...yummmm

my pork sandwich...double yuummmm

there's a train coming, can you see it???

the back of the shack..

on the drive home...

cranky boy who i gave some milk to to help calm him down...
bad idea...

right before we got home, and i mean RIGHT before we got home he threw EVERYTHING up..yes, everything. mommy wasn't too smart mixing the milk with the bbq...
oh well, story of my life...

all in all we had a very nice little trip..
the bbq was delicious & we can't wait to go back & take my parents there next time they're visiting.

oh yeah, we didn't have any ice cream. there was no room for it!
next time i'll conserve myself so i can try some...

Friday, April 9, 2010


words right now that finn is speaking:

kitty cat

clean clean






and of course momma & dada


Thursday, April 8, 2010


that's what me & finn were tonight. or finn & i, excuse me...
poor kids got a cold & his nose is running like a faucet. i didn't feel that great today either, i worked for about 4 hrs today so i was grateful for that. but we had a rough evening between the 2 of us.
i was on a phone call with at&t & went to another room so i could actually here what the lady was saying. here's what i came out to.....

oh yeah, that little bugger got a spankin',
he knew exactly what he did.

my child started out in just a diaper b/c of the snot. SO MUCH SNOT!

and later moved onto a striped t-shirt with a bib. then i tried on the overalls i got him today at our consignment store(for $2 i might add) and they never came off him. too much work to get them on. so here is my darling redneck snotty nosed child.

but i still love him & will kiss all over him snot & all. :)

it's been a long evening & i have an early morning coming up on me.

good night all!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i'm just saying....

i got all teary eyed when buzz aldrin just got kicked off dancing with the stars...

what the heck??!!

i think my period must be coming.

i'm just saying...


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter morning..

woops, i uploaded these pics in the wrong order. oh well. we've had a great easter morning down here in fl so far. we all awoke early & made it to our church's 8:30 service only a few minutes late. it was a packed house but luckily we got a seat in the back. it was an awesome service to say the least!

we had to make a quick stop back at the house b/c the bathroom was calling to dan & a diaper needed to be changed, then we got back in the car & headed to breakfast. we went to our usual, the pig, and had a yummy meal. finn was well behaved & never fussed once. it's a easter miracle! :) now we're back home. after a little playing outside we're all inside for our naps. ALL of us...
so that's where i'm headed next.

i hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

here's me goofing around


leaving church playing peek-a-boo

finny in his easter outfit

a basket of candy for the "big boy" & a new sand bucket with tools for the little one

Thursday, April 1, 2010

just because....

just b/c i haven't posted anything in awhile.....

i'm kindof tired at the moment, but i just wanted to tell y'all how happy i have been this week. i started my new job on monday & it has been a wonderful week. :) we haven't been busy so i've had hours of free time everyday which i am SO not used to. i am relaxed & i actually feel cheesey for saying this but i feel like a diff women. seriously. i can not be any happier. dan is happier, finn is happier, kristy is happier. can you tell i'm happy?!

i've had 2 weeks of sleeping in but i actually have to get up early in the morning to go to st.augustine for cases. i'm not complaining though!!

nighty night.........