Saturday, December 31, 2011

this past year...

i have...
met many new friends. good friends. :)
started a new job that i love.
quit a job that i did not love.
not gone on vacation.
had a miscarriage.
started a bible study.
and not all in that order...

it's been a tough close-out to this year, but i'm thinking it can only get better. i have a wonderful family & great friends. a loving husband(whose bday is today!) and a quirky little 3 yr old.
God is good!

here's a few pics from our photo session in nov. we have never had our pictures taken professionally so this was a treat! they turned out nice & i can't wait to order some.
they did not come in time for christmas cards, which is why y'all didn't receive one from me. sorry!! i was hoping..

this one below is my favorite. we don't have a large family on my husband's side but we are all very close. i love how this one turned out.

my sis in law calls this my "next top model shot"! hahaha

just the two of us...

my little family, love them. :)

i pray everyone has a safe & healthy new year's!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

my little dude...

this is a grainy picture, but i love it.
this was one of the days where he was just attached to my hip. didn't want to leave my side. i loved it. and he was actually sitting still. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

doing better

i'm finally feeling back to my old self again. the sadness still comes and goes and i know it will be like that for awhile. i had blood work done yesterday & my levels are still not all the way down. i have to go back every week until they are zero. hopefully that will be next week. i just want to put this all behind me. the physical stuff that is.

i want to start blogging more again. hopefully i can make the time for it. i also want to do better at couponing. i bought a 3 ring binder the other day, and baseball card organizers to organize them better. i'm not working tomorrow so that is going to be my project. i just try to save where i can.
anyways, that was very random.. have a good night!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

how things are....

but first 2 pictures of my finny...
b/c he's so cute. :)

oh how i love this kid!!

this has been a tough few days to say the least. i wish no woman ever had to go through this, and yet it happens all the time & is so common. miscarriage. now i feel like i'm "one of those women" . not that it's a bad thing, but i feel differently now. if you've gone through it then you understand.
i'm hoping the worst is over. i'll spare you the gritty details but let me just say that for 3 hours last night i was very intimate with my bathroom. i had no idea what to expect & what i went through i wish no one had to. it was painful, it was emotional, it was horrible. i'm not exaggerating.... it was like contractions, the cramps that is. i won't say anything else about it. i am still having heavy bleeding but am hoping that will ease up in the next few days. i did go back to work today, wish i hadn't, but i did.

i was so grateful dan took the day off yesterday to be with me. i needed him, especially last night. i don't know what i would have done without him, theres no way i could have taken care of finn by myself.

this is a depressing post. sorry. but it helps to write it out.
i'm not going to discuss this on facebook, its inappropriate. people will just have to figure out on their own what happened, i'm not going to talk about it on there. i wish i would have never announced the pregnancy. now i know better.

Monday, October 24, 2011

baby conner

i'm sad to say that i've lost this precious baby that i've been carrying. i had an idea b/c i've been bleeding since friday morning. i did go to the dr friday & we saw a heartbeat. but i kept bleeding over the weekend & just didn't have a good feeling. it was confirmed today, 1st at the dr's office, than at the hospital where i had to get another ultrasound done, that there was no heartbeat.
i'm very sad. i'm just so tired and feel very weapy. i'm sad that there won't be a baby here next summer. this had come as a total surprise, but as a mom you become very attached very quickly. which i have done.
please pray for me. i should be able to pass the baby naturally. i'm staying home from work tomorrow but will be back on wed. just pray. thanks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

getting caught up!

i have been really bad about uploading pictures lately. it seems that more times than not i'm online using my iphone, and its not that user friendly uploading pics & such.
sometime time just flies by & it seems like it's already getting to be that busy time of the year.

this morning dan & i went kayaking in st marys, ga. we've been one other time & loved it. this time it was a 6 mile loop around an island, all in the marsh though. it was wonderful. i absolutely LOVE the marsh & love coastal ga. if i could move there right now i would. it was a guided trip through crooked river state park. we'll def be doing more there, we love it that much. i'm trying to talk dan into getting a kayak or canoe instead of a new gun. men & their toys! :)

here are a few pics..

i think the pic below is absolutely beautiful! i loved seeing the reflections from the sky in the water. it truly is beautiful...

here we are on grover island. this was our one stop on the trip so we could get out & stretch out legs.

grover island

the husband :)

and a few pics of my boy :)
every sunday, finn & i drink coffee & read the paper.

he likes to look at the target ad & the toys r us ad.

i think these next pics uploaded backwards. oops!
a few weekends ago the 3 of us traveled up to darien,ga to stay at a b& b. dan & i have stayed there before & absolutely loved it & couldn't wait to get back. i told you i love coastal ga. :) anyways, we took finn this time. they have a seperate room there above their carriage house. its connected to the house but seperate too. perfect for us, with finn. he did really well while we were there. they have a nice salt water pool that we enjoyed & he actually slept well that night. we just stayed one night. breakfast was another story, but luckily we were the only ones eating at that time so it wasn't a big deal.

this was on the way home

this was our room above the carriage house.

the front of the b & b

and these are a few random pics of finn with bugs. the child loves anything that crawls, no fear there.

ok, i'm caught up. yay me!
for now at least....

Monday, August 22, 2011

can you tell?

where finn's favorite seat in the house is???

this was brownie mix from today..
i think it's safe to say he thought it was yummy.

and this was his 1st taste of nutella, yum!!
he's like his mommy & daddy & loves this stuff. :)
but he put it on something i never thought to before, strawberries!!!
too bad strawberries are going out of season here.

i'm not to good at keeping up anymore. just always doing something else. :)
finn's back at preschool. he's doing great, he loves school & does real well with a schedule. as do dan & i. it's nice to back in a routine again.

there's a hurricane coming. it's supposed to hit here by fri. i'm not too worried yet, for some reason jacksonville always get's skirted by with the storms. i will stock up this week though on batteries & make sure to get some cash out.

that's about all that's going on here. nothing exciting.
hope you enjoyed the pics!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

oh my goodness...

finn was BEYOND hyper today. i have never seen him like this, ever! he had too many sugary drinks at lunch time, even though they were watered down with water, it still didn't seem to matter. he never napped, and he drove us nuts all afternoon. :) we eventually went over to my MIL's house just to get out for a little while. so, at 7:25 this evening he was out. i put him to bed, rubbed his head & sang to him. it took maybe 5 minutes for him to fall asleep. i don't know why, but when i go to sing kid song or lullabies to him, i draw a blank. i seem to sing the same ones over & over. can anyone help me out here with a list to go off of?? :) i love it when i get to watch him drift off though. nothing is sweeter than a child sleeping. i took the time tonight to pray over him & thank Jesus for this precious child i get to raise here on this earth.. it's amazing, isn't it?
good night all...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

taken from my phone...

sorry these pics are so small, i took them from my iphone & then emailed them to myself. i guess i didn't download them at the correct size. oh well..

these are prob the only pics i will have of finn with kristy. we had a big storm last night & kristy is terrified of them. the power went out & we all went in finn's room to hide out.
kristy can be a little aggressive so we have to watch her around finn at all times. but finn on the other hand just loves kristy. he is IN love with her & she could care less about him.
so these pics are unusual to say the least. :)

i'm typing this from our new little toshiba notebook that we got today. dan had a best buy gift card burning a hole in his pocket & he's been wanting one of these for awhile now.
finn managed to take off over half the keys on dan's laptop so its unusable now. my laptop is as old as the hills, so this will be perfect for everyday use for us. finn is to get NOWHERE near it as it's to be kept on the counter at ALL times. :) dan has a newer desktop so between this, his computer & our iphones we are set to go with technology now....

we've been doing good here. its been HOT! i don't usually complain about the heat b/c i actually like it, but it is def very warm outside. i've gotten sun burned the last 2 weekends so i need to be careful. today we went to a friend of mines house. they're actually old enough to be my parents, but i love my diane and i miss working with her. they have brunch on saturdays at their house so we got to join them for that & then we played in the pool for awhile. it was so nice! i've really enjoyed my day today. :)

well, finnys asleep so i'm going to watch something on netflix. hopefully i can find a good movie, any one have one they can recommend??

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it's been awhile...

well, it's been awhile since i posted. like a month i think. i've just been busy with work and home that blogging is not high on the priority list. i still enjoy reading everyone else's blog but have a hard time updating mine.

but i'm still here. :) working away, taking care of finn in the afternoons and evenings, having small group at my house every tuesday night, trying to coordinate child care everyday(while school is out), taking care of the house, the husband, the child, the dog.... you get the picture. whenever i sit still for longer then 15 minutes i tend to doze off...

watching cars EVERY single day. and watching nothing else but cars. i swear i could literally quote that movie!

here are a few pics. this one i just took of finn napping. i keep his crib mattress under his bed. why? i do not know, but apparently now he likes to pull it out & jump and sleep on that for a change. just as long as he's napping.

here's one of finns grandpop's old hat's. go irish!

and here he is wearing daddy's work boots. so cute. :)

i'll try to do better posting, but i'm not sure who even reads this thing anymore. if you do, let me know, will ya??

Friday, May 27, 2011

so random....

here are a few pics of this past week to share with you..

here's finn sporting mommy's big sunglasses. these are my back up pair so he's allowed to wear them. :)

last weekend we watched my 70 yr old co-worker sky dive. she's crazy! the pilot let finn get in the plane and check it all out.

and these are my new sandals i got this week. this was trying them on right out of the box. all the straps adjust so i'm still working on getting them just right. they are extremely comfortable & i can tell they'll last a long time.

i'm so glad its friday & a long weekend!

we're headed to the pool tomorrow morning with finn's 2 little cousins who are here visiting.
and then monday dan & i are going on an all day kayak trip. i'll be sure to take pics and post.

i've got to do better, but my time just slips away on me......

Monday, May 16, 2011


last night we got a call late from dan's mom. she had passed out at home and had fallen. dan rushed over & took her to the er. before she passed out her heart was pounding/racing, she was dizzy and nauseus. dan stayed with her all night and came home this morning at 6 to sleep. i took finn to the babysitters last night at 11 b/c i had to be at work at 6 this morning. we both got very little sleep. we're tired. we're still not sure what is going on with gail. they're doing lots of tests and we're waiting for the results. shes there tonight as well. when she fell she hit her elbow also and they're still awaiting the results of a ct scan to see is she fractured it or not. last time we got a call in the night dans dad had died. needless to say we're nervous going to bed tonight. sure hope that phone doesn't ring.
we had plans for this weekend. big plans. dan & i were going by ourselves to wv to a wedding that dan is an usher in. we were going to be gone 3 night's/4 days. dans mom was going to keep finn so we could go. we're not going now. and i'm frustrated. something always happens, i told dan we shouldn't plan anything anymore. i just hope and pray dan's mom is okay.
please pray for us & for dan's mom. that they would figure out what happened and that her elbow is not broken.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mobile blogging. Who knew?? I'm trying it out, how do you like it??