Wednesday, January 26, 2011

baking bread

this is the website i've used for my bread baking. you really can't get anymore easier than this.
today i made 2 more loaves, one regular & one that i added butter, cinnamon, sugar & raisin's to to make breakfast bread. both turned out super yummy again. but, i found with the cinnamon bread i need to roll the dough tighter before i bake it. you'll see what i mean if you look at the recipe. but, it tasted delicious.
for dinner tonight i made red beans & rice, a request from dan. :) and boy, was it good! i usually get all my recipes from and this was no exception. it was SOO tasty! he will be happy when he gets to try it tomorrow. :)
well, i'm off to tv land....

Friday, January 21, 2011

typical night

typical dinner time. finn won't sit in a high chair anymore, only a big boy seat now. :)
he looks like he joined the military! no more short haircuts after this one. although they are much easier. :)

this meal had 2 of his favorite foods. beans & corn. i swear my son could be a vegetarian at the age of 2. he loves his veggies!

well finn has given me his lovely cold so i'm all stuffed up tonight. typical friday night here in our house. finn is in bed & i'm gonna watch a movie. charlie st. cloud, anyone seen it? hope it's good.
have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

one of my goals...

is to make thing's it cookies, cakes, bread....
it's so much better for you & it's so much cheaper.
both reason's why i am trying to do this.
i haven't bought one pack of cookies yet this year. :)
i'm going to try to make granola bar's next, we eat a TON of these.
the peanut & almond ones..
so i made 2 loaves of bread today for the 1st time.
no bread machine either, all by hand.
it was surprisingly easy!
and a bit messy, which i didn't mind.
it was also a good upper arm work out, kneading 2 loaves...

the bread is very yummy!
i've already had 2 slices.
this was basic white bread, so now i can try diff types.
we like honey oat.

anyone else out there make bread??

i've made 2 diff bundt cakes this year too.
they were both SO good.
maybe i'll make another one this weekend.

i'm off to bed now.
after eating a slice of bread with some peanut butter on it. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

weekly wrap

my mother in law got me these yesterday, how sweet!

i made chicken quesadillas last night for dinner.
i put in them shredded cheese, chopped up cooked chicken, finely chopped leeks and spinach.
they were quite yummy.
finn ate about a cup of shredded cheese & i bite of the quesadilla.
oh well...

i got the pics mixed up but oh well.

i'm so glad it the weekend.
it's been a tough week..
work's been BUSY!
maybe not leaving the house today.
finn has a cold. :(
might go to a basketball game tonight.
depends on finn.
watching undercover boss on netflix.
we cancelled out home phone & our cable through at&t.
it's the year of cut backs in our home.
trying to start a small group for women with childcare provided.
waiting to hear if it'll be approved.
went to the gym once this past week.
wish i could have gone more. :(
made homemade chicken salad for lunch today.
got a big boston butt on the smoker cooking today.
dans in charge of that.
the house is quiet.
i finished a book yesterday & started another this morning.
can't believe how much snow ga got!
going back to my netflix now.
ta ta!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


you like my new shades dan got me for christmas??
they're oakley's.. they make me nervous...
i've never had such nice sunglasses..

but i sure do like them. :)
and with all the driving i've been doing lately for work,
they've been great!
thanks danny!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

last Sunday

we went for a hike

at a girl scout camp that was in operation from the 1930's till 2006

it's just down the road from us a bit

the county now own's it

we found a playground there

us watching finn play

saw a giant tree root!

saw the beautiful st.john's river

tried to get a pic of the 3 of us

LOVE this pic of my 2 boy's :)

we had a great time!