Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy, but sad.

well, tomorrow is it. i start my new job. i am really happy & feel so blessed to have gotten this job that is so close to my home & with good hours, and even better pay.
for the past year my job has been CRAZY, working wierd hours and driving lots of places, but........... i did get to spend more time at home. with finn. with dan. now its all going to change. and i realized that as i was putting finn to bed tonight. i got real emotional & started to cry. i realized that no more would i be able to go in his room & get him up in the mornings again. not that i did that everyday before, but i still got to quite a bit. i won't see my little guy till tomorrow afternoon & i'm really sad about that. i'm happy to be going back into a routine again as far as my schedule goes so thats a good thing. and finn will be on a routine too, so thats good for him. i just couldn't help but to feel sad about it. very sad. i got my shower & cried it out so i do feel better now. :)
just thought i'd share.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finn's room

well i'm finally getting a chance to show pics of finn's new room!! it took 2 long days of painting & repairing walls till it was finished. if you see in the pic below there is no curtain. what we're going to to is get some molding that matches his window sill & we're going to frame his window with that molding. it'll look so nice when that's done.

the color is called misty surf. it's a cross between a gray & a light blue. in natural light is looks more gray and in the artificial light it looks more blue. but i have to say i LOVE this color! it's so clean looking. dan also put 2 coats of white paint on the beadboard(which was already there) and all the trim. right now finn has the nicest room in the house!

here is his new twin bed. well, new to us. i found the bed with the matching nightstand at a local used furniture shop right down the road. my neighbor down the street actually owns it. i prefer to buy used furniture. i feel like it's better quality & i prefer some character. :)

we put just a mattress on the bed right now, no box springs. this way its low to the ground for a while. we will eventually add the box spring though. i got to say finn LOVES his new bed!

this was his existing dresser. one day we'll maybe find one that matches...
and this was dan's grandmother's rocking chair. i've always had it in finn's room.

the paintings above the nightstand are ones my father painted when he was in college. i painted both the frames a nice white so match.

i made his bulletin board before finn was even born for his room. i've always liked the primary colors of red and blue. the railroad sign is from his dede(dan's mom), a bday present. and the bookcase i painted white to match also.

this little lantern came in the mail monday from llbean. it's awesome b/c it comes with a remote. so this is finn's new night light. once he's asleep i can click it off without having to go in his room. LOVE IT!

finn's doing really great all in all in the transition to big boy room. for the 1st week he would wake up at night & start playing. he takes the drawers out of his nightstand, turns them over, and stands on it to turn his light on. dang kid!
but this week has been much better! he's going to bed much easier & taking his naps easier also. and now he's actually sleeping in the bed like a normal person. head on pillow & feet towards the bottom.

i'm very happy with his room & am proud of the hard work dan & i put into it. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


i'll have to post pics of finn's new room. it's soooo cute!!!
here he was at nap time today.
went right to sleep. in his big bed. :)

and here's bed time tonight. he didn't want his door shut & he ended up here..

he never cried. not once. poor dude is still adjusting.
i picked him up & tucked him in.
he never moved a muscle, he must be really pooped.

hope he sleeps all night!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

this child...

is one spoiled kid!!

just look at these pictures...
this is how it is everyday when we play outside..
the neighborhood kid's love him :)

we're so fortunate to live in a great little neighborhood.
it's small & there's lot's of kids.
it's the kind of neighborhood where you can let your kids play outside
and not worry about them.

and my finn fit's right in.