Monday, August 10, 2009


lately we've been pretty busy around here. We recently had our friend Shawn paint both bathrooms for us. In the guest bathroom we had him put up beadboard and molding and it looks so good!! I'll post some pics soon of the rooms and the "infamous" toilet that has Dan SUPER excited. :)

We're still plugging away working opposite shifts and watching Finn. There are 3 days a week now though that Dan takes the little man down to the babysitters early. Dan's done such a great job watching Finn! and how fortunate we are to have a wonderful babysitter for Finn just 3 doors down from us! I count my blessings and am happy our little dude is loved by so many.

Finn is crawling EVERYWHERE now and pulling up on EVERYTHING. His favorite things to play with are......the empty oatmeal container, a rolling pin, magazines and the vacuum. Why would I buy toys when he loves these things?! He's a happy kid and is not fussy. Most of the time he's smiling and now he's growling. (Not sure where he learned how to do that.) He's eating all kinds of food too. All baby foods and some solids.....crackers, mac & cheese, cheerios..that sort of thing. He's still figuring out the sippy cup but he loves to play with it so that works for me. I think Finn for sure will be an early walker as I and my siblings were also(we lived on tropical islands where the floors were concrete).
I tried taking a few pic tonight of me and Finn and this is what I got. Not my usual self portraits but I tried. :) till next time.........

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