Sunday, June 27, 2010

my beach boy

we live less than an hour from the beach.
i'm not sure why i don't take advantage of it more. but we ventured out on saturday. one of my best friends rebecca was here so we went on saturday morning. my requirement was that we had to go early. we got there at 9 & stayed till 11. it was wonderful! where we went we got to drive right out on the beach & park & unload right there. very nice & easy.
finn loved it of course, he loves anything outside. i held him & went out in the water & everytime a wave came we would dunk down in it. he laughed and laughed and laughed, he just thought it was so funny..
the ocean water is SO much more refreshing than pool water right now. the pool where we go has a water temp right now of 87. not refreshing at all, its like getting a bath. so this was nice...

have i said that i love my little beach baby boy.

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