Sunday, August 15, 2010

little dare devil!

my child scares me in the fact that he is not scared of anything.. dan was replacing a fixture in the laundry room & before we knew it finn had ran in there & climbed practically to the top. you can not take your eyes off him for a minute!

here he was the other day at the house. i swear this child will be the death of me...

and i just had to throw this pic in b/c i LOVE it. :) i don't get many pics with my little man & this one turned out decent..

everything's been going pretty well here lately. dan & his mother went up north for 7 days this past week so finn & i were on our own a few of those days. my parents came down for 4 nights so that was nice. and of course it happened that i had to travel out of town with my job while dan was gone. i had to go to savannah for a night & do a case. finn slept at the babysitters overnight & did just fine. it's not the 1st time that he's slept there. we are SO fortunate to have a WONDERFUL babysitter 3 doors down from us. she loves him to pieces & her home is his 2nd home.

finn starts school on tuesday!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!! i can't believe it. last week i did the oreintation stuff at the school. hes going to one of the church schools here in town. he's going to love it. :) its 2 half days a week & its going to be so good for him. i of course took tuesday off so i can take him & pick him up. this is a big deal! i officially feel like a grown up now. i'm wierd, i know.

well i'm gonna watch a movie i dvr'd last night. i love my dvr...

i'll update on tuesday about finns 1st day.

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