Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this past weekend...

we went to GA! up to my parent's house for the long weekend. we hadn't been since Christmas, which I can not believe. I guess that's what happens when you get a new job & can't take any time off.
We had a wonderful time visiting. and on sat dan's brother david & his family came to visit for the day. we had so much fun! the kids love playing together & love seeing each other. finn & elizabeth are only 6 months apart in age. little matthew is 8 1/2 months & is the sweetest baby i've ever none.

here is he sitting with my mom.. just as content as he can be..

the cousins jumping..

it was 49 degrees both sat & sun morning!!

thank goodness i packed a long sleeve shirt for finn!

it was so nice to see everyone. on sunday we went & visited my grandmother. my sister & her little one cheryl came to so we got to see them also. finn got lots of cousin time in last weekend. :)

on a side note, finn is doing really well in school. i love that he gets to go those 2 mornings a week & spend time with his little friends. i can tell he's learning too! it's really amazing. today he came home with a flower they made on construction paper. i was so proud! it's taped to one of the cabinets in the kitchen so i can see it everyday. :)

bed time now, night night!

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