Tuesday, February 22, 2011

here's what happens....

when mr.finn is playing in his room while mom cooks dinner..

i swear, i love this kid. :)
of course he won't keep a hat on his head when it's cold, but come warmer weather he breaks out the winter hat. funny.

i moved his work bench into his room so he has more things to play with in there. he likes to go in his room & shut the door & play. i don't mind. :)

he loves to try on daddy's boots. and i love watching him. :)

thing's have been good here lately. i had a crazy work day yesterday. i found out at 930 sunday night that i had to be in savannah yesterday for a 9 am case. lovely. i left at 5 and got home at 4. lovely. case went well though & i got home safely so i won't complain. oh, and i didn't have to work today. and i got paid. go figure. i haven't had a standby day like this in forever & i am so enjoying it!
it's beautiful outside. 78 degrees. love it!! i've kept the air off, have windows open & fans running. and it is perfect inside..
we're getting estimates for a new a/c unit before the heat gets here. our unit is 16 yrs old. it still works pretty well but we're nervous it's gonna go out real soon. income tax $$!
i'm looking for a toddler bed for finn. i wanted to just go right to a twin bed, but the cheaper alternative for the moment is a toddler. all we need is the actual bed itself. i'm checking craigslist daily.
nothing else new at the moment.
finn's napping so i'm going to lay down also & start a new library book. yay!

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