Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy, but sad.

well, tomorrow is it. i start my new job. i am really happy & feel so blessed to have gotten this job that is so close to my home & with good hours, and even better pay.
for the past year my job has been CRAZY, working wierd hours and driving lots of places, but........... i did get to spend more time at home. with finn. with dan. now its all going to change. and i realized that as i was putting finn to bed tonight. i got real emotional & started to cry. i realized that no more would i be able to go in his room & get him up in the mornings again. not that i did that everyday before, but i still got to quite a bit. i won't see my little guy till tomorrow afternoon & i'm really sad about that. i'm happy to be going back into a routine again as far as my schedule goes so thats a good thing. and finn will be on a routine too, so thats good for him. i just couldn't help but to feel sad about it. very sad. i got my shower & cried it out so i do feel better now. :)
just thought i'd share.

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Tammy said...

Oh Hollys. I just can't imagine. Of course you know that I've always been a stay at home mom, so I have never had to be without my children. I can't say anything to encourage when it comes to that, but the way you sounded about it on the phone, it's going to be great. Finn will grow up knowing his parents did what was best, even with a working mommy. You'll just have something to really look forward to every day while you're at work-heading home to your sweet boy. Good luck tomorrow on your first day at work on your birthday. Happy Birthday Hollys!