Wednesday, November 2, 2011

doing better

i'm finally feeling back to my old self again. the sadness still comes and goes and i know it will be like that for awhile. i had blood work done yesterday & my levels are still not all the way down. i have to go back every week until they are zero. hopefully that will be next week. i just want to put this all behind me. the physical stuff that is.

i want to start blogging more again. hopefully i can make the time for it. i also want to do better at couponing. i bought a 3 ring binder the other day, and baseball card organizers to organize them better. i'm not working tomorrow so that is going to be my project. i just try to save where i can.
anyways, that was very random.. have a good night!

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Terri said...

I use a binder and baseball card protectors too! I have been striving to save more each time at the grocery best yet has been $90! Not extreme by any measure but pretty good by my standards! Good lcuk couponing:)