Tuesday, June 9, 2009

back to normal

Well, a week has past & it's now time to try to get our lives back to normal. It's not easy, but everyday is a new day & hopefully the sadness will ease with time. Dan is doing as well as he can. I think it helps to get back to work and get back in our routine. It was hard going back to Mayo for me today though b/c that is where he died. It's strange. And sad.
We've been REALLY concerned about our bulldog Jack. He's had a serious infection in his chest now for over a week & we're finally seeing some improvement tonight. He hasn't eaten in 9 days & today he ate!!! :) We are SUPER excited about this & hope it means he's getting better. I take him back to the vet tomorrow to see if the infection has improved or not. As long as he's eating & drinking & keeping that down I feel so much better. If the infection is not better then I'm afraid of what we might have to do. Please pray he gets better. The timing of him getting sick just could not be worse. Jack LOVED Dan's dad & this has made this all the more hard to deal with. I've cried more tears over this dog......
Here is a new picture of my boy Finn that my friend Ellen emailed me tonight. And now I'm off to finish watching the movie Fool's Gold, who in it Matthew Mcaughney plays someone named Finn!! My Finner's is much cuter though. :)

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