Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our newest adventure in........

babywearing & craigslist bargains!!
We're going on vacation in a few weeks & this baby backpack is a must for what we're doing. :) We're going all the way up to the very tip of north GA camping. We're borrowing my parent's camper & truck and heading to the mountains for 4 days. Can't wait! Anyways, we've never been camping with a baby before, or hiking, or fishing, or....you get my point. When I saw this on craigslist I knew I better snatch it up for $10. :) This was our 1st attempt at it, I was a little nervous considering I'm here by myself & I was glad he didn't fall out the 1st time. Actually, it was really easy and I think he likes it. I don't think he quite knew what to think of it really. This is my attempt of picture also, not very good, but I tried!

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