Thursday, October 22, 2009

so tired..

This has been just a horrible week. It started Monday night with a report of a missing little girl in FL. Well, that was right here where I live. This little innocent 7 year old girl was walking home from school with her siblings when she got in an argument with one of them & she ran on ahead. Well...she was never made it home. My heart just dropped when I saw the news bulletin across the bottom of the tv screen. All I could do was pray. This neighborhood is literally 10 minutes down the road..
They found the little girl's body yesterday afternoon in a landfill in GA. The police followed the trash pick up to the landfill & began searching. Apparently this is protacol for something like this, I don't think they were really expecting to find anything, but they did. This just makes me sick to my stomach. I literally could not eat my dinner last night b/c all this is so upsetting. This is just too close to comfort. I don't know how anyone could do this. I can't imagine being that mother. I can't imagine never seeing my child again. I can't imagine her last moments on this earth.
Needless to say this has just bothered me all week. The community has rallied around this family, it's so amazing to see. The autopsy results should be out either tonight or tomorrow so we should know more then. The police are investigating non stop. There is someone out there who did this! They are searching a dumpster that was near an abandoned house near where she was last seen. My only hope is that maybe she got in the dumpster somehow to hide or something & maybe hit or head or something. I don't know, it's a thought. Although, the police suspect foul play.
I'm just glad tomorrow is Friday!! I've got to go to bed early tonight & get some rest. I have not slept good this week.

On a happier note, we're planning to take a little day trip this Saturday. We've invited Dan's mom so maybe she'll come too. :) I hope everyone else has had a nice week!

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