Sunday, May 16, 2010

new appliance week!

well......2 new appliances. one small & one big.

here's the small one.....

my old coffee pot was on the way out. it would come on by itself & do this annoying clicking thing. so there's my new one. :)

and the other "big" thing coming on wednesday is my new dishwasher!!! i'm so excited about this. we were going to go with stainless but have decided with black. my husband got a smokin' deal on a Bosch yesterday at Lowe's. can't wait!! they are supposed to be the best of the best. we can't afford to replace them all right now but one at a time. besides, i like the ecclectic look. :)

here's the old dishwasher.....

and i'll be sure to post on wednesday pics of the new one. yay!!

off now to watch a hallmark movie with the husband. yes, he likes them too....

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