Sunday, November 21, 2010


I hope my Finny will love on me like this 30 years from now... aww, so sweet, Dan lovin' on his mother. :) I could so black mail him with this picture too, although I won't...

Here's Finn & his DeDe looking through the sale adds making his Christmas list...

Here's a picture of us from last weekend's MADD banquet. Actually a pretty decent picture.

Who need's to make a Christmas list when boxes are SO much fun!?

We're hiding a neighbor's Christmas present in Finn's closet & this is the box it came in. He has just played & played with it.. Now he's made it into a slide.

Life here has been pretty good. We stay busy with our schedules. Always working opposite shifts & not seeing each other much get's old really fast. It's hard on a marriage. I won't lie. But, we do the best that we can & hope and pray one day Dan will be on day shift.

I'm hoping this will be a slow week this week for work. Dan has off Thursday & Friday where I only have off Thanksgiving this year. We're going to Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving day and then we'll do a big meal next weekend here at the house. My mother-in-love and I are planning our shopping strategy for Friday morning. Last year my dad & I headed out at 4, this year Target opens at 4. Yikes! I think we're only planning on going there & Academy. But, who knows???

I do believe that Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. I just love everything about it. I love Christmas but think it's sad how commercialized everything is & how it's all about present's. My parent's won't be coming down till January so we won't be seeing them at all for either holiday. I think that's a 1st. Sad. :(

Dan's working on the shower, it's ALMOST ready for tile. Like, next weekend ready. YAY! It's been a very slow process as he's been working overtime everyday & even some on the weekend's. But, it's finally getting there. I'll be sure to post a pic next weekend. I can not wait to see how it's going to look.

Well, gotta run, Dan's calling me for help. TATA!!

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Tammy said...

It is hard being away from family for the holidays, but we have found out that we enjoy being alone as a family for Christmas. Since we are forced to be alone with our distance away from our families, we are able to focus on just the 3 (now 4!) of us and it's great. Hopefully having Dan's mom near by, it won't be too sad of a time for you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving at CB! I am SO jealous!! :-)