Tuesday, December 21, 2010


well 1st here's a pic of finn's new haircut(which i do not like)
he loves to sit with daddy & watch his mickey :)

but look!!! there's tile on the walls!!!


can you tell i'm excited?!?!?!?!
that my shower's been destroyed..
and i have not complained once. not once. i mean it.
we've been using finn's bathroom for our shower's and it's been fine.
but i will be SO happy when i can get a shower in my nice big bathroom again.
maybe by christmas??
we'll see..
i'll let you know..
but so far i love it!
i love the big tile..
and the color's :)
what do you think??

oh, and i didn't mention my husband and his friend, Andre, from work till all this yesterday!

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Sally said...

oh, i like Finn's haircut. CUTE! I love short cuts on boys. Major just got his hair cut like that yesterday - we do it that way every time, but it means he has to get it trimmecd about ev 4 weeks. You'll get used to it - the first time was hard b/c he all of a sudden looked so much older. =)