Saturday, January 15, 2011

weekly wrap

my mother in law got me these yesterday, how sweet!

i made chicken quesadillas last night for dinner.
i put in them shredded cheese, chopped up cooked chicken, finely chopped leeks and spinach.
they were quite yummy.
finn ate about a cup of shredded cheese & i bite of the quesadilla.
oh well...

i got the pics mixed up but oh well.

i'm so glad it the weekend.
it's been a tough week..
work's been BUSY!
maybe not leaving the house today.
finn has a cold. :(
might go to a basketball game tonight.
depends on finn.
watching undercover boss on netflix.
we cancelled out home phone & our cable through at&t.
it's the year of cut backs in our home.
trying to start a small group for women with childcare provided.
waiting to hear if it'll be approved.
went to the gym once this past week.
wish i could have gone more. :(
made homemade chicken salad for lunch today.
got a big boston butt on the smoker cooking today.
dans in charge of that.
the house is quiet.
i finished a book yesterday & started another this morning.
can't believe how much snow ga got!
going back to my netflix now.
ta ta!

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