Tuesday, January 18, 2011

one of my goals...

is to make thing's homemade...be it cookies, cakes, bread....
it's so much better for you & it's so much cheaper.
both reason's why i am trying to do this.
i haven't bought one pack of cookies yet this year. :)
i'm going to try to make granola bar's next, we eat a TON of these.
the peanut & almond ones..
so i made 2 loaves of bread today for the 1st time.
no bread machine either, all by hand.
it was surprisingly easy!
and a bit messy, which i didn't mind.
it was also a good upper arm work out, kneading 2 loaves...

the bread is very yummy!
i've already had 2 slices.
this was basic white bread, so now i can try diff types.
we like honey oat.

anyone else out there make bread??

i've made 2 diff bundt cakes this year too.
they were both SO good.
maybe i'll make another one this weekend.

i'm off to bed now.
after eating a slice of bread with some peanut butter on it. :)


Sally said...

YUM! I've been on a bread making kick lately, too...but I'm lazy. I make the dough in my bread maker and then I bake it in the oven (I don't like the shape of the loaf in my bread maker). I love a hot piece of bread w butter and cinnamon/sugar.

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Just have to say that your bread looks DELICIOUS!!! :)