Saturday, April 2, 2011

a few fun pictures...

this first picture is for when i can bribe or blackmail finn when he's in highschool... :)

such a cute little bottom too!

finn likes to take his clothes off when playing outside with the pool or water. (he's addicted to

the water hose!), so we've been working on going potty outside. note the big boy underwear on.

i think this is my new favorite pic of him too!

and here he is mowing the patio. :) he really is such a hard little worker...

well, that was our saturday in a nutshell...

he's already asleep b/c he wouldn't settle down at naptime today.

he went 90 to nothing all day long. nonstop. he's like this ALL the time. even at bed time now. it is WEARING me out.

all week i maybe had 6 hrs of sleep a night. i can handle that.

but i'm back to getting up EARLY every morning now & after 2 weeks of not much sleep it's catching up to me... i'm EXHAUSTED..

not seeing dan anymore is getting tough again. we see each other sat & sunday, that's it.

it's hard. we're used to it. but it's still hard.

ok, enough. i made a pot of decaf & me & the husband are going to sit out back & enjoy.

good night!

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