Monday, May 16, 2011


last night we got a call late from dan's mom. she had passed out at home and had fallen. dan rushed over & took her to the er. before she passed out her heart was pounding/racing, she was dizzy and nauseus. dan stayed with her all night and came home this morning at 6 to sleep. i took finn to the babysitters last night at 11 b/c i had to be at work at 6 this morning. we both got very little sleep. we're tired. we're still not sure what is going on with gail. they're doing lots of tests and we're waiting for the results. shes there tonight as well. when she fell she hit her elbow also and they're still awaiting the results of a ct scan to see is she fractured it or not. last time we got a call in the night dans dad had died. needless to say we're nervous going to bed tonight. sure hope that phone doesn't ring.
we had plans for this weekend. big plans. dan & i were going by ourselves to wv to a wedding that dan is an usher in. we were going to be gone 3 night's/4 days. dans mom was going to keep finn so we could go. we're not going now. and i'm frustrated. something always happens, i told dan we shouldn't plan anything anymore. i just hope and pray dan's mom is okay.
please pray for us & for dan's mom. that they would figure out what happened and that her elbow is not broken.

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