Friday, May 27, 2011

so random....

here are a few pics of this past week to share with you..

here's finn sporting mommy's big sunglasses. these are my back up pair so he's allowed to wear them. :)

last weekend we watched my 70 yr old co-worker sky dive. she's crazy! the pilot let finn get in the plane and check it all out.

and these are my new sandals i got this week. this was trying them on right out of the box. all the straps adjust so i'm still working on getting them just right. they are extremely comfortable & i can tell they'll last a long time.

i'm so glad its friday & a long weekend!

we're headed to the pool tomorrow morning with finn's 2 little cousins who are here visiting.
and then monday dan & i are going on an all day kayak trip. i'll be sure to take pics and post.

i've got to do better, but my time just slips away on me......

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