Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New curtains!!

Okay, so I'm going to do and little before and after pics here. Just so everyone knows, I hate vertical blinds! Especially vertical blinds that are like 13 yrs old and just gross. I've tried cleaning them and they are beyond help...... So, I've been trying to figure out what I could do instead. I thought about these panels that you hang, there's like 4-5 of them that hang on a track, but our sliding glass door is not the normal size. It's huge! I would have to special order them and I don't have patience for that. So, I decided on a curtain instead.... I looked online lots of places and found the best deal at pottery barn, believe it or not. So, my curtain came yesterday in the mail, I've got my curtain rod ready and I've got the clips to hang the curtain with. Our friend Shawn is coming over tom or Fri to help me put it up(Dan's not really good at these things, and who knows when he would do it anyways). So, here's a pic of the nasty vertical blinds and hopefully by tom or fri our home will have a whole new look! I can't wait. I am SO sick of these things and I'm surprised I've lived with them this long(we've been in the house 3 1/2 yrs now).

I couldn't resist taking a pic of Finn blowing bubbles. :)

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Jana said...

i HATE vertical blinds, too!! we have them on our sliding glass door and i've wondered, as well, what my options might be to change them out. i've thought about curtains but w/ the dogs coming in and out all the time, i just know they'd be nasty dirty (and hairy - stinkin' shedding dogs!) all the time! can't wait to see your new curtains!