Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, Finn's back on his little schedule again. The last 2 nights he's only gotten up once so I am SO thankful for that. I guess maybe he just didn't feel good, poor little guy. :( 
Anyways, I've decided to go up to my parent's without Dan. Me and Finn are leaving in the morning and driving up. My parents are actually going to drive down a little ways and meet us and follow us back up. They haven't seen Finn since he was 3 days old, they're dying to see him. He'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow. So, I'm really excited to be going to GA and getting to see my family up there. Finn will get to meet his great grandmother and the rest of my family over the weekend. We'll be coming home on Sunday and then Monday is his surgery. I'll just be glad to have that over with. This will help the time go by faster too. I'm waiting on the scheduler to call back to schedule Dan's surgery, which we're hoping will be next Thursday. Wow! Finn and Dan having surgery in the same week. What the heck? What are they trying to do to me? It'll all work out I know.  I'm tough, I can handle it. :) Well, I don't know about Dan, you know how men are when they're in pain. NOT looking forward to that. It will be an interesting week for sure. I'll keep you posted.

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