Friday, March 27, 2009

lot's of smacking going on here..... :)

Here's my boy eating oatmeal with a little applesauce in it. He's just growing so much and is always hungry so we're giving him a little oatmeal once in awhile now. He's been on cereal at night before bed for over a month now so we're moving on up! I know everyone's opinion's are different about when to start babies on food......But, as long as my boy is happy and healthy it's all good! He loves it by the way, I'm sure you can tell in the video above, lot's of smacking going on. :0) When did your babies start on food???? Please share.


Sally said...

I started Lil Major on cereal when he was just over 5 months. I just didn't want to do it - partly b/c I was lazy and liked that I could just nurse him anytime he was hungry, and partly b/c I didn't want him to "grow up" faster. =)

Now he's a chow hound and eats more than I do, seriously!!

Tammy said...

We started Miriam on food when she turned exactly 4 months since she never cared too much for her bottle. Food was a battle though because she had under developed facial muscles and it took months of therapy to get her to where she'd eat food that had a texture to it. She never took to cereal-she'd gag on it but by about 11 months I could put a little in her bottle to help her fill up at night. I guess now looking at how picky she is, she's just always been picky. Finn looks happy and healthy and you know what's best for your baby. He's just way too cute! :)