Monday, March 23, 2009

A new quilt for Master Finn!!!

So, when I checked the mail this afternoon there was a package there addressed to Master Finn Conner. I immediately knew what it was and I was SO excited! Dan has 2 aunt's that make quilt's and for our wedding present 7 yrs ago his one aunt and uncle made a beautiful quilt for us. I am a quilt FREAK and to get something homemade like that just means so much to me. So, when Finn was born his Aunt Madge & Aunt Pat asked what color quilt Finn would like.  I told them red, white and blue. I like primary color's. Well, this child's quilt is amazing!! To say I love it would not be enough. I called them both on the phone and thanked them right away. I know Finny is going to love this quilt and use it for many many year's. It's so special to have thing's made with love! Here's a few photo's of it, I had to share......

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