Sunday, March 1, 2009

this week

Well, this week was pretty uneventful in the Conner household, which I guess is a good thing. Dan was on overtime all week, so he had to work 1pm-11pm everyday. So, needless to say he was pretty tired all week from that and having to watch Finn in the mornings before he went to work. I had to work late one day and I was 5 minutes last picking Finn up from the sitter's and she charged me a $5 late fee. Crazy! But, that's how it works I guess.... I was driving like a maniac trying to get there by 6, but with traffic it just didn't happen. Finn had 1 bad night this week where he screamed for almost an hour straight. I don't know if it was actually that long or not, it just felt like it. Nothing seemed to comfort him and it was very frustrating, but he eventually calmed himself down and was happy after that. I'm glad we don't usually have nights like that, he is usually very good and just has a short fussy time around 7:30 in the evenings. He's still sleeping all night, so I REALLY can't complain b/c I'm getting my rest as well. 
We're getting ready to do some painting around the house. When we bought almost 4 yrs ago, I painted everything but the bathroom's and the laundry room. We're going to FINALLY paint those 2 rooms and repaint the back splash in the kitchen. The color is called asparagus and if you look a few post back at our new curtain in the living room, it is the same color. It's a  really pretty green. Hopefully we'll get to this soon. 
In 2 weeks we're going to Tybee Island for our family get together again. We started this last year and had SO much fun. It's our family, my sister's family and my parent's. This year will be 9 adults and 2 babies. A little different from last year, but we are SO looking forward to it and the next 2 weeks can't go by fast enough.
We're also planning a white water rafting trip in April. Last April we stayed in a cabin up in north GA at Black Rock Mountain State Park with our friend's Shawn and Brad. The boy's got to go rafting while I stayed back at the cabin. I was newly preggo and didn't think I should be out there rafting. But, this year I can go and we're figuring out our plans.
We're going to go eat at Olive Garden this afternoon hopefully. We've had a gift card since Christmas and every weekend we try to get there and it just hasn't happened yet. Maybe today will be the day. Here's a few new pics of my Finny. He's 11 weeks old today and growing like a weed. I so enjoy being a momma and love spending my time with him!!

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