Sunday, December 6, 2009

mommy's little helper

Finn has always been obsessed with the vacuum cleaner. So yesterday Dan & I were busy around the house. He was in & out of the house as he was getting rid of stuff & cleaning out the garage. I was FINALLY taking down my fall stuff & putting my Christmas things up. Dan turned the vacuum on & handed it over to Finn & here you go.....

he turned into mommy's little helper. I seriously think I use this way too much as Finn actually KNOWS how to vacuum. He was switching hands & everything. I obviously use this too much & should cut back some, don't you think? HA! I do use it everyday though b/c with a dog......well you know. Anyways, he literally vacuumed all around the house until he ran the battery dead. Then he got mad. Oh well, it's fully charged today for him to go at it again!! :)

Yesterday we went & got our tree. Our nice friend Erik picked us up in his truck & took us up to Home Depot to pick one up. We had already decided to get a very small tree seeing as Finn will be 1 on Tuesday & will probably end up tearing the whole thing up anyways. So we went straight to the 5-6 ft ones & Dan picked out one that was already wrapped up in the plastic stuff. The lady that worked at Home Depot couldn't figure out why we wanted that tree.

She said "Don't you want to undo the string & open it & look at it?"
We said "no".
She said "Wouldn't you like a little fuller one, that ones not very full?"
We said "no".
She said "Are you sure?"
We said "We have a 1 year old."
She said "Ohhhh....I see. :)"

Too funny. Anyways, here's our tree.

I don't think it's too bad. It is the smallest one we've ever gotten, we call it our Charlie Brown tree. :)

This morning when Finn woke up early & I brought him out to feed him his bottle I had all the lights out except for the tree lights. He just looked at it in what I would say was wonder. Then he wanted to touch it. UH OH!!! Here we go........

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