Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This child..

This child of mine has been doing this lately...

screaming/screeching/squealing at the top of his lungs...especially at restaurants. Lovely. Any advice on how I can stop this? It's too loud to ignore(especially when you're out in public) and he thinks when you cover his mouth it's a game. HELP!!!!

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Sally said...

We're going through something similar, too. SO annoying and frustrating!!

A friend of mine who runs a day care told me that whenever Major does something we want him to stop IMMEDIATELY to use a soft voice and say "uh-oh" -- which is the universal phrase to make any kid stop and look. Then you say, still in a soft voice (which is SO hard for me), "we don't screech/scream like that. You need to stop"...or something like that. Do that every time, and they'll eventually get the hint.

I tried it in the car today, and it definitely worked...although, the screeching started again, so I said UH OH again, and he stopped. I think I'll be saying UH OH a lot for the next little bit. =)

Let me know if it has the same amazing power over Finn! =)