Tuesday, December 29, 2009

fiesty little kid...

Let me just tell you we've got our hands full with this kid...
He's got the funniest personality.
He's still into this screaming/squealing thing...
He has been OBSESSED with our Christmas tree.
He could have cared less about Christmas presents.
He LOVES his red wagon & loves to go for rides in it.
He's giving tons of kisses to everyone but has to add a little "bite" to it.
(It hurts like crazy!!!)
He loves to carry around his drumsticks.
He won't keep his socks on, but does ok with his houseshoes.
He's figured out how to feed Kristy.
He pulls hair really hard.
He'll pull your glasses off too.
I have to sneak open the refrig b/c he wants to stand in front of it when it's open.
Same with the freezer
He'll open the dishwasher if Mommy doesn't have it locked.
He still won't sit while getting a bath. He never has.
He's a rough & tumble kind of guy.
He's always sporting bruises & bumps.
He's obsessed with cleaning. (mops, brooms, vacuums, etc...)
He loves to eat & suck on leaves.
He still loves baby food.
He LOVES his milk. (whole milk now, yay!)
He's actually underweight.
I wonder why? Could it be that he never sits down??
He's adorable....
He's a MESS!!!
I love him just the way he is!

Oh, and I just finally had to take the tree down tonight. I just can't stand him getting into it every night anymore. Here's a look at it before I took it down & outside.....

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did and the celebrating keeps going...Dan turns 31 this Thursday. Old man!!!! Happy birthday Buddy!!


Sally said...

Oh wow! He sounds SO much like Major was a few months ago. Fun and crazy at the same time! =)

Holly said...

They would have a ball together than! He definately wears me out. :)