Thursday, March 18, 2010

finn's new adventure

isn't it great?!

i've been meaning since Christmas to get finn a tent, but i had yet to do so. i just randomly looked the other day on craigslist & found this one. so here it is!!
i got it this morning & he loves it of course. he smiled that little grin of his & walked right on in.

i haven't started my new job yet which is just fine with me! :) my last day at mayo was tue. so now apparently we're just waiting on all my paperwork to go through & then i'll start the new job. i wasn't anticipating any time off between jobs so these last 2 days have been great!!! i feel almost human again. :) i didn't wake up till 8 this morning, thank you finny for letting me sleep! so i'm probably thinking i'll be starting next week. we shall see....

lots of activity coming here this weekend, i'll blog later about this.

my heart is heavy this morning though b/c a friend of mine is going through something so sad. please pray with me for her. thank you!

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