Sunday, March 21, 2010


today is my b-day. i'm a big whopping 3-1. yikes!! i don't feel old enough to be in my 30's yet. and on my b-day, my little man is sick. we didn't get up with enough time to get to the 9 o'clock service at church(thank goodness!) since finn got sick & threw up all over. one minute he was fine & the next there was vomit everywhere. i yelled for dan(of course he was not up yet) to get up & help me. nothing worse than throw up everywhere, a little boy covered in it, and a dog ready to leap in there & eat it. yuck! dan got him in the tub while i cleaned everything up & got his clothes in the wash. so now he's just laying around & wanting to cuddle. not his usual self to say the least.... he's in bed right now, i rocked him a little & put him in for his nap. hopefully this is just a 24 hr bug or something b/c i'm leaving tomorrow..

that's another story...

i start my new job tomorrow. in palm city, fl. a good 4 hours south of here. not excited. can you feel my excitement here? i have to go for training & oreintation for 3 nights. i have to be there tomorrow morning at 10 which means i need to leave by 5. not a big deal for me, i'm used to getting up early. but i will miss my little man!! last yr me & dan went rafting /camping for 3 nights so i've been away from him before, but it feels different this time. i guess i'm much more attached to him & we've spent the last week together which i have LOVED. i've never stayed in a hotel before by myself either. that'll be strange. anyways, i'm going to try to make the most of it while i'm gone. hopefully i'll be to busy to think about home.
my parents are on their way down right now to stay at the house while i'm gone. they'll be here till friday. thank goodness for my parents! what would we do without them & their help? not sure. i'm so grateful they could step in though & help us.

so, a lazy day lays ahead of me. i'm doing laundry, i need to iron all my clothes for the next week &'s rainy here, a good day to be home & relax. :)

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