Wednesday, March 3, 2010

new job!

hey everyone! i got a new job. :)
about a year ago i submitted my resume to a laser company & about 2 weeks ago i heard from them. i was shocked! what this job is is that i will be traveling around jacksonville to the various hospitals when they have a laser case scheduled. we set up the laser & operate it during the case. they really need someone for the orange park area which is right by me! i am super excited about this & feel like it's a great opportunity for me & my family. i believe it will allow me more free time & this is HUGE to me.
so, i start in 2 weeks. of course i have mixed emotions. i've been at mayo now for 8 years. i've made some wonderful friends & i'm comfortable there. time to step out of my comfort zone! i will be sad to leave but i really think that this is a great & unexpected chance for me to do something different & to learn something new. too good to pass up!!
so.....wish me luck & pray for me please. i'll let you know how it goes!

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Tammy said...

Yay Hollys! I saw yesterday that Dan posted on Facebook about your new job. I was wondering if it was for the place you applied a while ago for. Hope things go well at the new job!