Thursday, April 29, 2010

new words

finn has been saying some new word's lately..

today he said juice & clap clap.

his favorite is clean clean, my child loves to clean!

he can also say kristy now without so much pronouncing the "k".

we decided our boy will be going to school starting in aug.! the program is at a local methodist church just a few minutes from us. it's called wonderworks. i went & visited this week & liked what i saw. finn is a very very busy say the least. we believe that he is getting to a point where he needs a little more stimulation than what he's getting. he also needs to be around other children. he will be going 2 mornings a week. i'm so excited, i know my little man is going to absolutely love it!

on a side note, it's just me & my finny this weekend. dan is headed up to ga tomorrow morning for a boys only camping trip with my brother-in-law, nephew & a few other boys. they've gone once before & he always talks about how much fun they had. i'm happy he get's to go & have fun & get a break for a weekend. :) he deserves it, he works so hard & is such a good daddy he needs to let loose once in a while...

i'm off to watch another hallmark movie tonight before bed. i love my dvr! i record all the movies i want to see & then watch them later so i can fast forward through the commercials, it's wonderful!

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