Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter morning..

woops, i uploaded these pics in the wrong order. oh well. we've had a great easter morning down here in fl so far. we all awoke early & made it to our church's 8:30 service only a few minutes late. it was a packed house but luckily we got a seat in the back. it was an awesome service to say the least!

we had to make a quick stop back at the house b/c the bathroom was calling to dan & a diaper needed to be changed, then we got back in the car & headed to breakfast. we went to our usual, the pig, and had a yummy meal. finn was well behaved & never fussed once. it's a easter miracle! :) now we're back home. after a little playing outside we're all inside for our naps. ALL of us...
so that's where i'm headed next.

i hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

here's me goofing around


leaving church playing peek-a-boo

finny in his easter outfit

a basket of candy for the "big boy" & a new sand bucket with tools for the little one

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