Thursday, April 8, 2010


that's what me & finn were tonight. or finn & i, excuse me...
poor kids got a cold & his nose is running like a faucet. i didn't feel that great today either, i worked for about 4 hrs today so i was grateful for that. but we had a rough evening between the 2 of us.
i was on a phone call with at&t & went to another room so i could actually here what the lady was saying. here's what i came out to.....

oh yeah, that little bugger got a spankin',
he knew exactly what he did.

my child started out in just a diaper b/c of the snot. SO MUCH SNOT!

and later moved onto a striped t-shirt with a bib. then i tried on the overalls i got him today at our consignment store(for $2 i might add) and they never came off him. too much work to get them on. so here is my darling redneck snotty nosed child.

but i still love him & will kiss all over him snot & all. :)

it's been a long evening & i have an early morning coming up on me.

good night all!

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