Sunday, September 28, 2008

B-Day Party!

A friend of mine, Audrey, invited us to her little boy's 2nd b-day party this weekend. It was at a place called Pump-It-Up, which is all these big inflatable balloon's indoors. It's pretty neat b/c you spend 30 minutes in 1 room playing on all the stuff, and then you go to another room with different balloon's and you have 30 minutes in there. Then, the final room is the party room where you get the good stuff. Ice cream cake! Yum! Me & Finn had 2 pieces thank you very much Audrey. The best thing about the inflatable balloon's though is that the adult's get to play too! Needless to say, Dan had a ball sliding down slides and going through this one obstacle course. I probably shouldn't have done anything with my pregnant butt, but you know I couldn't resist going down the slide a few times. And I got in the one boucy thing too. The kid was probably like, "What tha?". After we left and I felt him moving again, I thought to myself, good, he didn't get to traumatized. We had lot's of fun though and here are a few pics from the party.

This 1st one is of Dan, Audrey and some kid going down the big slide.
That's Dan up on the far left side.

This is Audrey & me! She is so crazy!

And here is Audrey & Joseph, the birthday boy.

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gaylene said...

i can not believe that ya'll did the slide young at heart until dec-hah