Thursday, October 16, 2008

baby update

My dr's appt today went well. The baby is 3 lbs 13 oz and has a big head! I can't say I'm surprised with that one. I had a HUGE head as a baby. He also has long arms & legs, so I think he'll be a tall one. No surprise there either. :) They said he was in the 51% for his weight so we're right on track. My blood pressure was good & he was happy with the readings that I take here at home. So now starting on Monday I'll be going to be regular OB every Mon for monitoring and then every Thursday I'll be going to the high risk group for more monitoring & an ultrasound. My due date is Dec 15 & I was making all my appt's up till then with the receptionist and we got to Dec 4 and she said "When's your due date?" I told her, then she said "Are you on meds?" I told her yes and she said "Oh, well we probably won't even be seeing you on the 4th then." Meaning that I will probably be induced and go early, which I would LOVE! I can only hope! I'm so happy that everything is going well with the baby & me. Work has been stressful this entire pregnany and it hasn't been getting any better. I only wish that we had more fun at work and enjoyed ourselves the way we used to. It is making the time fly by though. I'll try to scan an ultrsound pic this weekend, I'm not too good with that thing. No promises though!


Tammy said...

Glad to hear things went well Hollys!

Jana said...

yay!! it's gonna go by so fast!! i'm glad everything is right on and looking good! micah's got a big head, too . . . last time we checked he was in the 92nd %ile, i think! but he wasn't lucky enough to have tall parents w/ long limbs to counter it!! lol. he's only in the 6th %ile for height and 12th for weight! but we know he's absolutely perfect and healthy! :)