Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Race for the Cure

So last Saturday me & some of the girl's from work did the Susan B.Komen Race for the Cure breast cancer walk. This was my 3rd yr doing it so far. The first yr was me & my friend Ellen who was going through chemo at the time and walked with her bald head exposed. What a big step that was for her! The next year we had about 6 girls walking and this yr there were 15 of us that signed up, but actually 9 of us that walked. I really enjoy doing this every yr and am happy that it's a new tradition for the girls at work. I thought I might have issues walking the 3 miles being 32 weeks prego, but I had no problems at all. Have I mentioned that I'm so blessed to have had an easy pregnancy? Here are a few pics of the girls and I. I walked for my friend Ellen who is a survivor and for my grandmother, who died of breast cancer many yrs ago. May we one day find a cure!

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Jana said...

yay!! way to go, hol!! so proud of you!