Sunday, November 8, 2009

the weekend

So I had a busy Saturday this weekend. One of my best friend's Rebecca came down from Macon to stay for 2 nights. A college friend of hers who is from Jacksonville got married last night & I went as Rebecca's date. :) But, before the wedding we headed on up to Atlantic Beach to my friend Barbette's house to check out the air show. Barbette lives 4 blocks from the beach so we all walked over & watched the blue angels above us. I'm not sure why but I LOVE airplanes & I especially love the loud noise as they fly literally right over us. I'm completely amazed at how those 6 planes can fly in such a close formation as they do...Can you tell I like planes???

After the air show we headed back to Barbette's to get ready for the wedding. She was so sweet and had out appetizers for us & we had such a great time chatting & hanging on her back deck.Here's a picture of us all ready for the wedding, which was great by the way. The reception was also very nice & we had a great time. Rebecca got to chat with old friends and I got to people watch. :)

And on to my cute little guy. Here he is letting us know that he wants to watch Baby Einstein. He LOVES it now & it's so cute when he's ready to watch it. He is 11 months old today & tonight I've started on his b-day invitations. I'm using construction paper & doing them by hand. :) He spent all day yesterday with his daddy & I am so grateful! Dan does a great job with him & Finn definately loves his daddy. and I enjoyed an unusual day off.

So now we head back to work tomorrow & start another week all over again. How I love my weekends! The only time we get to be a family... By I'm ending my weekend good. I'm eating 2 pumpkin donuts & drinking coffee...yum....

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Sally said...

I love the Blue Angels, too! How awesome to watch them over the ocean. I can't believe how big Finn is getting. Wow!! Almost a year...time FLIES!!!