Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy B-day Dan!!

Wishing a happy happy birthday to my best buddy & my husband, Dan! We had some friends over tonight to celebrate him turning the big 3-1. Yikes! We're not getting any younger, are we? Don't answer that. :) Here's a pic of the cake I made him after we already had helped ourselves. I meant to take one before, but......I've become forgetful lately.

My husband is a wonderful husband & an even better father. I never knew he had such patience... He's hardworking & also a great and helping son. He's the communicator in our relationship & the only one who "knows" me & my many quirks. :) I always tell him I love him deeply, and I mean it.

and I dug WAY back to find one of my favorite pictures of us. This was taken at Liberty University I think our sophomore year. Anyways, like over 10 years ago!!! My friend Rachel Johnson took this for a project for her photography class. There was a whole set of pics & I love looking back at them. We look so much younger! I did say we weren't getting any younger, didn't I? Don't answer that. Again.

I hope everyone had a safe new year's last night. I was in bed before midnight but was awakened by a crying child so I was actually in Finn's room rocking him to sleep as the new year rolled in. I can't think of any other place I would have rather been. Nope.

Happy New Year's! God bless.

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