Thursday, February 11, 2010

a few pics & a prayer request

here's a few pics from bedtime tonight. finn likes to play peek-a-boo when i put him in his crib...

i just love this little dude!

and on to my prayer request....

tomorrow morning i am taking my certification test for surgical technology. i've been scrubbing now for 9 plus yrs & am just now getting my certification. it hasn't been a big deal in the past, most place have never required it. but recently i've noticed that more hospitals are. i go! this is not an easy test. please pray that i will do well tomorrow. i've been studying for awhile now so i feel like i've done my best & i am pretty much ready for it. i will find out right then & there if i passed or not. i'm trying not to be nervous, so far so good.
but, if you can please remember me in your prayers tomorrow morning. i take the test from 9-1. yikes!

after i'm done with that, finn & i are heading down to st.augustine to spend the night with deedee & to do a yard sale at her house saturday morning. her house is now on the market. :)

heading to bed early tonight after my ice cream!
night night

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