Sunday, February 7, 2010


oh, i'm worried about my boy.... i think he has a milk allergy. i could be jumping the gun, but i have this gut feeling about it. dan will be taking him to the dr's tomorrow so we'll see what they say. he's had a skin rash now for 3 weeks that they are clueless about, he's not been hardly eating anything the last 2 weeks except crackers & cheerios, he's thrown up twice now tonight. i mean heavy almost projectile vomiting. i went in about half an hour ago to check on him & i immediately smelled the vomit. the poor guy had thrown up in his crib & it was everywhere. the sheet, his blankets, the bumper pad, even on the railing & the carpet. he had been laying in it & his hair was all crusty. so dan got him out & bathed him while i cleaned everything up. what a smelly mess!!! i feel so bad for the little guy. he hadn't complained or anything while he was in his crib. i don't know, i just have this feeling that it has to do with milk. i don't know why, but i do... i hope he can sleep tonight & not get sick anymore. he threw up earlier when we were out to dinner. lovely. luckily we were in a booth in the back & no one was around b/c it wasn't pretty..

on a side note, i can't believe the colts are going to lose the super bowl. what happened peyton? so disappointed...:(

here's a pic of my little sick dude with his daddy. i'm so worried about him, i don't like it when he's not well...


Sally said...

Oh, poor kiddo! And poor Mom and Dad, too. Have you tried keeping him off of milk and seeing if it gets better? I'll be praying he feels better soon! Let us know what the doc says.

Sally said...

So, what did the Dr say? I took Major to the Dr today, too. He's had a cough for the last week, and then in the last couple days, he's coughed til he puked 3 times. The doc diagnosed him w/ bronchiolitis and said that a lot of times dairy will make it worse b/c it causes more mucus and upsets their tummies w/ all the extra mucus. So, we're off dairy for a few days, too. Has Finn been coughing at all? This crazy virus is going around like crazy here right now.