Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WARNING!! gruesome photo below....

my old girl kristy had her surgery yesterday. they removed a tumor that was pressing right on her butthole. it was golfball sized. it was full of fluid & necrotic tissue that didn't look good or normal. i did not pay the xtra $$ for the pathology b/c i really don't want to know or not if it's cancer. her lymph nodes were also swollen, but she has a slight infection in her bad leg also. poor girl...she was put threw the ringer yesterday. she was drugged when i picked her up. she was still acting normal but her eyes were half closed, it was funny to see her looking like that. i can tell she's hurting today, who wouldn't be?! i could only get this pic b/c she was eating for the 1st time since mon night. :) she didn't care what i was doing to her.... hopefully she'll get a good day of rest in & be feeling like her old(annoying) self in no time.

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