Saturday, February 13, 2010


i didn't pass my test. this really sucks, no other word can describe it. apparently each test is different & you never know which one you're gonna get & i just happened to get one that pertained to vascular & cardio stuff. stuff that i have NO idea about. i mean i studied some of it in my study guides, but nothing i studied was on there.
i missed it by 10 points...
i've been really upset with myself & was so pissed yesterday! i studied so much for this, not to mention paid $290 for it, and i failed!!!
what's done is done. i know that i did the best i could & i felt as prepared for it as i could. will go on. it's not like i need this for my job, i just wanted to have it to say i have it. and i'm NOT going to be taking it again any time soon. i could care less about it right now.

on to other things. here's a pic of our new tv. it's a BIG step up for us & we absolutely LOVE it. it'es amazing, don't know what else to see. and currently we are watching some of the olympics on it.

and here's a pic of my new project for the house. this is the corner of my kitchen. there's plenty of room for a table & chairs there but i don't want that. we have stools at our island
& we mainly eat at the dining room table. my idea is to put a bench on one wall with baskets for storage underneath with a rack with hooks on it above it. i have nowhere to hang my purse or diaper bag when i come in the house so i could use this space to my advantage. on the other wall i want to paint it with chalkboard paint & frame it with wood. i think finny would like that & i can leave all my honey do's on it for dan. :)
what do you think of my idea? i've been looking on craigslist everyday for awhile now but haven't found anything yet. i'm in no hurry though.

on the way home today from st.augustine finn & i stopped in a used furniture store to check things out. i found our full size guest bed headboard/footboard there. it's old & beat up & real maple & i LOVE it. i asked the dude there if i could look out back at all his beat up stuff & he showed me a dust covered filthy queen headboard. i said, "I'll take it!". he wanted $10 for it. it's probably 30-40 years old & has much more character then the one we have right now. so when my parents come in 2 weekends we'll head on down & pick it up. i'm so excited!! i love finding steals like this. i so much prefer older furniture compared to new. so much more character & love knowing it's old & it's been used.

well, good night everyone! sleep tight!


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your test, hollys...i think the idea for your wall spaces sound great...i think that is a cute idea for finn to have the chalkboard area to have fun on...if only you can teach him that's the ONLY place he can draw on the wall...haha...hope ya'll have a great valentines day!!!

Anonymous said...

that was my message but forgot to put my name on there...sorry!!!...have a great day, laura